2016 Open Year-End Saddle Winners NBHA 08 CA Brentwood, CA

2016 Open Year-End Saddle Winners NBHA 08 CA Brentwood, CA


  Dust off your boots & get ready to RUN 2017!

Race Schedule 2017 Posted on Facebook Page and are Subject to change.  We are co-sanctioning with Run2Win, NSBRA, ACBRA.  WCBRA pending.

2017 Schedule

4-23-2017, 5-21-2017, 6-25-2017, 7-16-2017, 8-13-2017, 9-17-2017, 10-15-2017, 11-5-2017

2016 Youth Year-End Saddle Winners NBHA 08 CA

2016 Youth Year-End Saddle Winners NBHA 08 CA

The Open Saddle Winners:

1D   Tamara Rister, 2D Jan Reis, 3D Barbara Funderburk, 4D Noel Cosca 

18 & Under Saddle Winners are: 

1D Megan Sharp, 2D Faith Davis, 3D Briana Sharp, 4D Jessica Neves

Great Turnout!  Results posted on facebook page.

The NBHA State Finals  was held October 1-October 2nd, 2016.  NBHA CA websitesite.   Per NBHA rules, entries will close after the first horse runs.  You also must be qualified to enter the state final.  The list of people qualified here.  This information is taken directly from the NBHA California website as of Sept. 20, 2016.


Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide barrel racers with a local organization that will promote the sport of barrel racing, its growth, and good sportsmanship among contestants.  To provide a family orientated, fun, learning environment for all.

Hard work, dedication, motivation, commitment, and unselfish team work are the values that create a great organization. The goal of NBHA CA 08 will be to increase the number of participants, improve the quality of shows, and enhance the image of the local barrel racing community.

NBHACA08 is a Non-Profit Organization.  All monies made, go back to our members and/or races.  All the people who work at our races are volunteers.  We need ALL members to help at the races so that we can have a smooth running event.


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